White bathroom tile ideas

White bathroom tile ideas-Best tiles for bathroom wall


I have listed some of the most popular bathroom tiling ideas if you decide to go with the plain white tile aesthetic look. Do not model your home based on the fancy pictures, that you find on the internet. There is alot more to it than that. Most people go on Pinterest and search for ideas, but the best way to get inspired by ideas, is at your local hardware store. The choices they have available are probably the one’s you will have to choose from. The stuff at your local store is readily available and you can check the prices as well. So you can make a well educated guess based on which tiles you fancy and which of them you can afford.

Having constructed many houses of my own, I know what building a house is like. Utter chaos. So it’s best to decide on each and every detail beforehand. This will allow you to save about 6 months, and will save you approximately 50K if not more.

My advice would be to just go to a local hardware store. Check all the tiles available and buy the ones that suit an aesthetic look. I have listed below a few modern and classic aesthetic looks for you to decide from. Just buy tiles based on on one of these looks, if you are gonna go with white. If you want to check some bathroom tile alternatives, check out this article.

Plain White Small Tile For Bathroom

This one is a classic design. It is a memory from the Victorian era. If you are remodeling an older house going with something like this, keep in tune with the classic era. This style is still very common and popular among the boomer generation. Most people in the suburbs still prefer these designs as they are in tune with the era. Most HOA will also recommend remodeling an older house based on this aesthetic.

This tile is very cost effective and is available everywhere, so you would not have to replace the tile on the full wall in case a bunch of them break.

white bathroom tile ideas
white bathroom tile ideas

Patterned White Bathroom Tile

This is one of the recent new trends. It is still catching on. In a few decades tiles like these will become common place. It is a luxury design currently so you would have to pay a pretty penny for this. But it looks so good especially at night.

Most of the fancier hotels are using these in their suits, so if you want your house to look better than a hotel this is probably the one you are going for.

Plain White Large Tile For Bathroom

This is the part of the modern aesthetic. All modern mansions will have either white or grey large tile. It makes the room feel much larger than it actually is and so it is very common.

Houses built from brick and concrete blocks will always have these large tiles as they don’t require water damage prevention and can withstand the weight of these large tiles. Unfortunately in houses made of wood, these tiles can be cumbersome as the very high weight of individual tiles can bring the wooden planks under stress. You can buy these on amazon here.

white bathroom tile ideas
white bathroom tile ideas

Marbled White Bathroom Tile

This is a one up on the modern aesthetic. It is the style of the Beverly hill mansions. Marble is a natural rock, and it can be quite expensive. But we can go for these marbled tile instead. They appear pompous from the get go and make your space posh. There I said it. If you have the bank going with this will always be my top recommendation.

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