When do I ovulate ? How to calculate the exact date

Usually ovulation occurs mid cycle. For a normal 28 day menstrual cycle in females ovulation will usually occur on the 14th day.

When do I ovulate

Most women don’t know when they are ovulating. Usually your body doesn’t feel any different nor are there any special symptoms. The only thing that you may feel when you ovulate is a slight increase in your body temperature, but in most of the cases this is also not felt.

If you are experiencing normal menstrual periods, which are 28 days long you can expect to ovulate on the 14th day, after your period ends. This is a rough estimate and it aligns with the normal hormonal changes that guide your menstrual cycle. Usually ovulation is triggered by a surge in the luteinizing hormone (LH). This hormone is very specific and it is released from the anterior pituitary in the brain. A rise in LH is usually detected by blood tests but for normal circumstances you don’t need them unless your doctor requires them. LH will trigger ovulation and at the same time cause an increase in your core body temperature. So you can just measure your body temperature to find your exact day of ovulation.

How to calculate the exact day of ovulation ?

You can calculate the exact day of ovulation by taking your body temperature every day after your last day of menstrual period. You have to take the temperature with a thermometer, so as to know the exact value. You need to take your temperature everyday so that you figure out your normal temperature range. Normal body temperature ranges from 97 degree Fahrenheit to 99 degree Fahrenheit. You need to take your temperature for at least the first 10 days and calculate an average value. Your body temperature will be higher than this average value on the day you ovulate.

Usually mercury thermometers are best for this as they are analog and can record fairly small changes in body temperature but they are harder to read. If you find it difficult to read the mercury thermometer accurately, you can use a digital thermometer instead. I have linked them both so you can check them.

Digital Thermometer
Mercury Thermometer

Why is it important to know the exact day of ovulation ?

Exact day of ovulation varies widely between different groups of women. Calculating your exact day of ovulation can be very important if you are planning a pregnancy and have not been lucky for a few months.

It is quiet a sensitive topic. Only your doctor will tell you these things but they are very important to know. Don’t shy away from reading below. You see sperms have a journey they need to undertake after intercourse. After intercourse the sperms are deposited in the anterior vagina. From here they quickly enter the cervix to avoid vaginal acidic environment. They have to journey from the cervix to the ampulla of the fallopian tube where fertilization most commonly occurs. To reach to the ampulla they pass through vagina, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. Furthermore the sperms have to undergo another process called capacitation. You can learn more about the sperms journey here.

It takes 3-5 days for the sperms to complete this journey and sperms are viable for only 5 days after ejaculation. So a planned intercourse 4-5 days before your exact date of ovulation make the most sense to achieve pregnancy.

You have to calculate the exact day of ovulation this month, so you can plan for having intercourse the next month.

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