What does a purple fence mean? What is a purple fence?


What does a purple fence mean? A purple fence in an area is generally used to designate “No Trespassing”. Most states recognize the purple paint law and rule. This paint is usually used to mark the private land from public land. This type of paint is usually used on private lands that span thousands of acres.

For a small area such as an acre or a couple of acres you can usually put up a signboard that can mention no trespassing but this becomes very costly when you have to hang the same sign over very large pieces of land. Most landowners don’t want to spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars just to mark their own private lands. This is especially true for lands in the middle of the US in states such as texas where many farmers can own upwards of 1000 acres.

So the alternative to this was to use a bright paint that is easily visible and noticeable by humans but is not enticing to wild animals such as the red colour which can entice anger in wild and domesticated animals. So, the purple colour was chosen as it is easily distinguished by the human eye from a very far away distance.

Laws were passed by the states to allow farmers and private owners to use this paint to mark their territory as no trespassing area. Since these laws were enacted back in the 1990s, most people nowadays are unaware of the use of purple colour fences and in general bright purple colour on trees and rocks as a sign of no trespassing.

Most people believe this to be the work of some punk artist that wanted to mark the area he had visited but the reality is quite the opposite. This marking is being made by the landowner to guide you.

Usually, private owners mark their crop farms and water irrigation channels on their private lands. But some also use it to keep hunters away. Especially in states like Idaho where hunting is very common farmers use these signs to keep hunters away from their private lands and livestock.

It is very common to see a wild deer or a turkey roaming amongst the domesticated animals of farmers. If hunters spot such a wild animal wandering among domesticated animals their natural urge is to try to hunt it. But in doing so they may cause harm to the domestic livestock of the farmer also. As most hunters are not very trained they tend to miss their catch and instead hurt the farmer’s property and animals. This is the main reason why most farmers with vast lands are nowadays putting the purple fencing.

Farmers may also just put purple paint on the rocks and trees on their lands to mark “No Trespassing” instead of using fences all around their property as that can save them thousands of dollars.

What states have the purple paint no trespassing law?

The purple paint “NO Trespassing” law is currently enacted in the following states in the United States.

Louisiana, Kansas, Arizona, Montana, Arkansas, Idaho, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois.

What colour shade is no trespassing purple?

You need to use a fluorescent purple colour so that is clearly visible both at night and during the day as well from a very far away distance. So that hunters and other wanders can clearly distinguish it as a man-made marking. If your warning paint is not visible trespassers can make the case in court that they were unaware that they were on private land and hunting private and domestic animals rather than wild ones. I would suggest using Krylon 7319 as it is a clear and fluorescent paint shade that is easily visible.

What does purple paint on trees mean?

It means the same thing as a purple fence. No trespassing. Many people get confused when they see this sort of paint on trees. They are not aware of the actual law. So when painting trees with purple to indicate no trespassing I usually recommend you to use a spray to write either No trespassing clearly, to make an “X” mark. Or you can also write private land. Though writing just private land may not dissuade many hunters, as they think this may be private land, but the animals that they want to catch are wild. So in my opinion writing, no trespassing with “X” marks works best.

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