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Kitchen wall tiles – guide For homeowners, builders and renovators


In this post, I will explain the top evergreen looking kitchen wall tiles for you to incorporate into your home, which will no doubt increase your home value. They would also help to brighten up the space and make the space look more open.

When couples are planning on building a new home or remodelling one they already own, the major point on which they mostly disagree is the kitchen. And the bathrooms also.

But it is understandable. Most rooms of the house are just plain looking. They contain just walls. It is you who are going around naming the rooms as most architects would say. Only two rooms are self-defining when it comes to construction. The kitchen and the bathrooms. They set the standard where the house should be valued and are mostly the main point on which most inspectors will value the property.

So whether you are remodelling for yourself or trying to sell the house after the remodel it is very important to improve the outlook of your kitchen. And the most important thing that stands out in any kitchen apart from the appliances is the kitchen wall tiles.

Most new builders and remodelers tend to neglect this important detail. They think it is something they can skip. But if you ask your realtor he will surely explain the importance of incorporating these kitchen wall tiles in your home design.

Below I have mentioned my top five picks for the most evergreen kitchen tiles that you can incorporate into your house design so as to improve its value.

The pure whites

kitchen wall tiles

Let’s start with the most modern-looking pick. This purist approach to designing your kitchen will definitely pay off in design and the overall look and feel. Most people gravity towards either white or black as they are neutral colours. But when designing a kitchen stay as far away from black or dark colours unless you go for patterns. White is the king. White tiles have been fashionable since the 1960s and will continue to be in fashion for a long long time. So if you want to place a safe bet, go with white tiles. Especially, if you planning on selling the house. Make sure that you go with pearl or pure white shades as they are shiny and look amazing in daylight. These white tiles go great with silver stainless steel appliances and silver faucets.

The grey accent tiles

So as we are mostly interested in brightening up the house and adding a sense of enormity to it. The basics of modern house design to go with grey if you want contrast. So if you are planning on getting white-coloured appliances, instead of the stainless steel ones, grey is the way to go. White appliances can be cheap as they are painted. So to offset the white appliances getting grey tiles in lighter shades is the best way to make your whole kitchen contrast out from the crowd. I would recommend looking at some pictures on Pinterest or the ones on amazon to find the exact shade of grey they use. Try to contrast the grey with the white colour of the appliances by printing them on a piece of paper. Do not compare pictures on a computer or mobile screen, as screen colours are totally different from hardware colours.

The shades of the brown back wall

brown wall tiles

So we are now moving far deeper into the modern aesthetic. Most people will not think of getting patterned brown tiles for their kitchen. It will usually be the whites and greys. This is one way to make your kitchen stand out from all the other houses on the market. Brown colours give a cosy and warm feeling to the space. I mean this is the place where you come every morning for your breakfast and every night for your snack. In fact, I went with this same exact patterned brown look in my house. It stands out from every house kitchen on my whole block and whenever people come to my kitchen they oddly always point the kitchen tiles out. People are very observant.

The patterned tiles

patterned tiles

Honestly, this is the one that looks the coolest. Doesn’t it. But it is the most expensive option on the market. Patterned tiles don’t come cheap, especially the ones that are imported. They are like fine china. Gorgeous but ridiculously priced. Many salespeople will recommend you to go with the blend of patterned and brown or grey tiles. But honestly, it just looks odd. I have seen it in many houses on the market. The patterned tiles don’t match well with the plain ones. And there are a thousand different problems in fixing and colour matching them. So if you want to take one thing away. Either go with the full patterned tile approach or just stay away. You can make patterned tiles more affordable if you decrease the surface area where they would be applied. You need to ask your contractor in this regard.

The unique mix and match tiles

kitchen wall tiles

So if you fell in love with this brilliant look at first sight you aren’t the only one. This looks awesome. The blue mixes with the white utensils, which mix with the brown tiles. This kind of approach will not cost a lot in labour or materials. But it will definitely take a gruelling number of hours for you or your fiancé to match the contrasts and adjust till they are just right. So don’t be shy. If you are the one who loves things to be unique and different from all the rest, so should definitely go for this option.

Advice for picking kitchen wall tiles

Go with something you loved at first sight. Don’t second guess yourself and do not change midway if you are renovating. Picking something that you loved, at first sight will always be the better option. You will never change it at the last minute. And this will save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches. If you are looking to buy these tiles

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