Is a home cheaper without new kitchen appliances?


Is a home cheaper without new kitchen appliances? The answer is yes, it is. Most homes will be at least 20 to 30K cheap if you buy them with old appliances.

Most new home buyers when in the market, dream of buying their first new shiny house that looks brand spanking new. Unless its a house that got constructed just last month, chances are that it was built a few years or decades ago. There is nothing wrong with buying an old house in fact, I recommend buying an old house as your first purchase.

If you are just buying from the market, most older houses you will see are mostly are left un remodeled. That is because the previous owner wanted quick cash and did not bother to get the house even clean. Another scenario is when the house owner died the relatives and children of the guy decide to sell his house and divide the money. These are the most commonly found scenarios when you visit the market.

The already remodeled houses are worked on by home flippers and builders and they are bad for two reasons.

  • The home flippers doesn’t care about the house. He won’t be living here
  • The home flipper wants to turn in a profit so it is very common that you will have to pay extra

If you are new to the market buying a house with old kitchen appliances but no structural or other major damage to house is always gonna be the best bet. If you buy just off the market you never know how the foundations of the house are and how the roof holds. You may end up spending tons of money, more than you can even imagine in the blink of eye. I usually recommend new home owners who are not experienced in this endeavor to just skip the older damaged houses, and go with remodeled house, but skip the ones with new appliances and tiles. This way you will end up saving as much as 30 to 50k, and you would get a pre-remodeled house without any headaches that will most definitely arise if you were to plan to do it your self.

You can always go to the store and buy and fit new appliances your self. This will generally be cheaper than the contractors cost as he pays the electricians and plumbers to fit them in place while you can just do it by your self.

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