smoke in a non smoking apartment

How to smoke in a non smoking apartment?


How to smoke in a non-smoking apartment? Cigarettes and other types of smoking have a smell that is easily recognizable, especially by non-smokers. This stench can last in the room even after a thorough cleaning. The two most easy ways to hide the stench of cigarette smoke in a non-smoking apartment include:

Try to smoke in front of an exhaust fan that is turned on when you smoke. This will force the smoke to be exhausted out of the room quickly and it won’t build up in the room at all. You can either install the exhaust fan in your bathroom so that it works to take away the stench of your cigarettes and can also be used for bathroom hygiene, or you can install the exhaust fan in a window.

If you are planning on putting an exhaust fan in your bathroom then I would recommend getting one that is at least 24 x 24 inches in size. Exhaust fans are cheap and cost-effective and solve the problem. You would need to hire help to install the fan in the bathroom though. You can either fix the exhaust fan in the wall or in the bathroom window. If you want to fix it into the wall I would recommend hiring a handyman who can do the job in its entirety.

If you want to install it in a window, however, you would need to hire a window installation worker, who knows what he is doing. If you live in the US, you can hire construction help from Home Advisor.

But if you want to smoke in your room, I would not recommend putting an exhaust fan in a room window. When you put an exhaust fan in a room window it can not be closed unless the exhaust fan is installed in the glass itself. For a room, I would suggest using a regular pedestal fan with the fan blades pointing out of the window to take away the smoke in the room.

The second most common way to stop the stench from being built up in a room is to use a smoke absorber. This device is mostly used for solder smoke but it works great for cigarette smoke as well. This device has carbon filters that can absorb and neutralize the smoke. The smoke is pulled into the machine via an intake fan and it gets filtered to remove all the particles. However, you may need to replace the carbon filters on the machine once in a while.

smoke absorber

Can smoke travel through walls?

No, smoke cannot directly penetrate a solid wall. However smoke can travel from one room to another via doorways, ventilation systems, cracks in walls, electrical lines, plumbing lines, door and window seams, etc. To prevent smoke from moving freely between one room and the other, the only option is to exhaust it immediately via an exhaust fan or an exhausting device. Once the smoke builds up it is impossible to stop it from spreading from one room to another.

What materials absorb the smell of smoke?

If your clothes are reeking from the stench of cigarette smoke the best way to clean them is by simply washing them in the washing machine. That is it.

If however your furniture or walls have absorbed the stench of cigarette smoke the best way would be to try wiping the walls and furniture using either diluted vinegar water or citric acid water. Although charcoal is the best absorbent when it comes to absorbing smoke particles it can never be used in reality for furniture and rooms as it will turn everything it touches black. These diluted acids can absorb some of the smoke particles and are worth giving a shot.

smoke in a non smoking apartment
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How long does smoke stay in a house?

Smoke can stay in a house for upwards of 5 hours even when the house is fully ventilated by keeping all the windows in the house open. This is a ridiculously long time. The major problem with smoke spread is that your children are at risk of inhaling the smoke and it can cause them to inhale the nicotine in the smoke as well.

The best way to get rid of this smoke as I mentioned above is to get the smoke exhausted as soon as it is emitted.

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