How to increase breast size naturally. No Surgery

How to increase breast size naturally

You can increase breast size naturally in a healthy way by only one method, Exercise.

The other way which is the quickest is just getting breast implants. Breast implants are great for a variety of women with various ailments and can also be a satisfying cosmetic upgrade for some people. But getting under the knife is not for all and here I will try to answer your question in depth.

Usually I don’t respond to such questions but due to the immense level of untrustworthy and inaccurate knowledge out there I have to answer this question in detail. Most people will try to sell you some snake oil or try to lure you into a getting some amazing product that will do it overnight. And they will almost always say it is the natural way. But they are all wrong and the irony is that they know it themselves as well.

The only healthy way to increase breast size is with exercise

How to increase breast size

So lets discuss the ways I suggest first. At the end I have mentioned the hack that everyone mentions.

Breasts are made of fibrous and fat tissue. They are a subcutaneous organ that sits on the pectoralis muscle ( the main chest muscle). This is the muscle that is mostly at work when you push things away from your chest. You can increase you breast size and improve its overall contour and shape just by training this muscle.

Let me explain, you must have heard about or seen the bench press machine at the gym. This is that exact same machine that your husband or ex talks about. 🙂 Believe me its very popular. You can see one here. This bench press machine is used to train your pectoralis or chest muscle so that it hypertrophies and increases in size.

Naturally when you increase the muscle size that the breast sits on, your breasts become more contoured and as they are now sitting further from the ribs. They also appear to be enlarged while containing the same amount of fat tissue as before. This is the main reason why you see these female gym athletes with perfect breasts. The reason is that they train their chest (pectoralis) muscles and hence attain that perfect body physique. So just hit the bench press at the gym.

The unhealthy way to increase breast size with hormones

How to increase breast size

Females have three major hormones that affect their breast tissue growth. These include

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Prolactin

Estrogen and Progesterone both are produced by the ovaries in the females. These are regular hormones that are produced during the entire menstrual cycle and help to regulate ovulation, implantation, pregnancy and lactation. They are usually produced in enough quantities during the menstrual cycle to regulate its various events. They usually cause an enlargement of the breast at puberty but after that they don’t particularly cause enlargement of the breast tissue till you get pregnant for the first time.

Prolactin on the other hand is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It’s role is in lactation i.e. it is the milk producing hormone. It is increased when you get pregnant and it prepares the breast tissue for lactation. It has the most significant role in increasing breast tissue size as it develops the lactational ducts in and glands.

When you get pregnant your body starts producing prolactin in increased quantities that develops your breast glands and tissues for lactation. Your breast size will naturally increase. But taking these hormones in increased quantities to increase the breast size is a big No. These hormones are kept in a balance in the body. When you take these hormones in increased quantities not only will you run into menstrual problems but you also risk the chances of developing life threatening complications such as deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

So don’t take any hormones. But you can naturally stimulate prolactin by massaging your breast and stroking your nipple to stimulate your brain ( this is where the pituitary gland is located) to produce more prolactin.

The unhealthy way to increase breast size (The Hack)

How to increase breast size

If you were guided that if you want to increase your breast size naturally it can be as simple as just eating and stuffing your face with cookies. That’s totally wrong. You probably did not see this coming. Most women will see an increase in their breast size by putting on weight. That part is true.

Breast are mostly composed of fatty tissue containing fat cells. When you put on weight most of it is stored as fat cells. The female body deposits this extra fat in three locations which include the abdomen, the thighs and the breasts. Usually the breasts are the last place to increase in size, the abdomen is usually the first.

Most people who guide you to just increase your weight to increase your breast size are therefore totally wrong. As most of this extra weight will be deposited in your abdomen. And do you think this extra weight is good for your body. No, not in any way. Why ? Because this will get you overweight and obese first and that increase in breast size you were promised comes way later on.

Now to Summarize

Don’t take any hormones pills. Do not put on weight. Just do chest exercises such as the bench press or dumbbells press.

You can learn more about breast diseases and ailments here.

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