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How to bury a dog the natural way?

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How to bury a dog the natural way? The best way is to wrap your dog in a bio-degradable cloth such as 100% cotton after giving their body a bath. After this, you have to dig a grave that is at least 4 feet in length, 2 feet in width, and 6 feet deep, to properly bury your dog’s body.

It is very sad to be in this position but most of us will be. It is a very sad day, as you have to say goodbye to your lifelong friend. Most people don’t want to carry out the burial themselves. And it is very clear why. It is a very hard thing to say goodbye to your family member. But it is always best if you carry out the burial of your dog yourself.

Most people are in such a shock that they just want someone to do it for them. They usually hire someone to do this. It may sound good but it is not. These burial agencies just throw many dogs in the same grave and that in my opinion is not just for the dog’s soul.

So I have written down the proper way to carry out your dog’s burial. This is exactly the same as we do it for humans.

Initial steps

Prepare for rigour mortis

rigor mortis in dogs
This is what it looks like

After any living thing dies, the ATP energy in the muscles decreases over time and the muscles will enter a state of rigidity called Rigour Mortis. When this happens it will be very difficult to move the dog’s limbs and body parts. Rigour Mortis starts from the eyes and after about 6 hours will involve the whole of the dog’s body (actual times may differ based on dog size, smaller dogs will go into this state earlier). This is all natural and you should not get afraid. It is wise to close your dog’s eyes after her death immediately and then tie up her front two and back limbs. You need to tie the limbs at the paws. Use a natural organic rope, do not go for a polyester or plastic rope as it won’t degrade.

Give your dog his final bath

Most people are shy from doing this but it is the most essential step. Giving your dog its final bath will remove all stenches and dirt from its fur and will prepare him or her for her funeral. This is the most important step to paying your final respects.

Take warm water in a bucket and gently pour it on your dog’s fur. Use normal soap and a brush to clean it. Don’t forget to clean the private parts and ears. Do not try to pour water into the mouth of your dog.

Cloth your dog in funeral clothes

You now need to cloth your dog’s body in three layers of sheets. The sheets need to be made out of 100% cotton, as it is bio-degradable. You can even use two old bedsheets at home that are lying around, for the first two inner coverings and then cover with a new preferably white sheet on the outside. But make sure that they are 100% cotton exactly. Do not use any sheets with blends. I say 100% cotton as it is the most readily available and cheap option. You can use any bio-degradable matter for that purpose.

Find a place to bury your dog

The next step is to find a place for your dog’s burial. Most people choose their backyard but it is not recommended by me. Your kids would keep on being sad after him or her for a long time. I would say just go to a local deserted place or farmland and ask the owner of the property if required.

Make a tombstone for your dog

Usually, tombstones are made up of stone. This is so they may last for a long time. But making a tombstone out of stone is a hard job and is quite expensive. But it is always worth it.

The other alternative is making a tombstone out of clay. It will also last a long time and will not get damaged by rain and the elements. You will just carve the wording into the clay after making a slab. Make sure it’s not artificial clay but natural. The sunshine and elements will cause the clay to harden and will become a permanent memorial.

Placing a tombstone on private property will not be allowed in most cases by the owner so you can do without a tombstone. Just mark the land in this case with a wooden stake, and do save the google coordinates, so you exactly where your dog was buried.

If you are burying your dog on your private land, you should make a tombstone. If you are burying in a remote area you can place a tombstone as well without any problems.

The words most commonly used on a tombstone are:

Here lies ________ (full name), a companion of ________(your full name). Born on ________(birth date) died on _____(death date). “________ (A Quote or a memory remembering him”.

How to dig a grave/trench/ditch/hole for your dog’s burial

There are specific requirements for digging a grave. You must dig the grave to be 6 feet deep. This is a minimum. For length and width, it is usually common to dig a grave that leaves at least half a foot gap on either side when your place your dog in the grave. A good measurement to go by is 4 feet in length and 2 feet wide. Next, you need to create a ledge in the grave. Once you place your dog in its final resting place, you need to place sticks that you can gather from nearby trees so that they cover the body.

How to say the final prayers

Gather your family words, share some memories of the deceased and then allow every family member to say final goodbyes alone. If you want to recite any religious sermons now is the time after everyone has said goodbye.

How to place your dog in the grave

Pick up your dog with the sheets. You will have to place your dog in the grave with the three sheets. Tie the ends of the sheets with knots. You do not need to use any ropes. Put the dog so that it lays with its legs on one side.

Now is the time to take your children away from the grave.

Place the sticks on the ledge in the grave and cover it (the dog) with sticks. Now you need to shovel the dirt on the sticks and completely fill the grave till it becomes level with the ground. Use the remaining dirt to keep on building on the grave.

Mark the spot with the tombstone you created earlier and note down the location coordinates in google/apple maps. You should now sprinkle some rose water on the grave, light some incense sticks, and you may choose to sprinkle a few rose petals on the grave. The scents will keep other wild animals in the area from coming and digging the grave.


Well, it’s a lot to summarize but if you want to take away one or two sentences, about how to bury a dog, these are it. Wrap your dog in a bio-degradable cloth such as 100% cotton after giving their body a bath. After this, you have to dig a grave that is at least 4 feet in length, 2 feet in width, and 6 feet deep, to properly bury your dog’s body.

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