How to build a kennel (Dog house)? Outdoor dog kennel building guide.

How to build a kennel (Dog house)? Outdoor dog kennel building guide.

Construction General

How to build a kennel? Building a great-looking kennel can be a great fun project. You will need basic tools mostly but if you have power tools it will make your life very easy while constructing it. Bear in mind as you are doing it yourself, you will need to account for three important things:

  • How your dog can enter or leave the kennel
  • How are you going to insulate the kennel
  • How are you going to make it waterproof and rain resistant?

Building an outdoor kennel requires some considerations in all these aspects. This guide will help you make the perfect-looking home that your dog will surely enjoy. So let’s get into the basic materials and the tools required for the job.

How to build a kennel
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Materials required to build a kennel (Dog house)

  • 2×4 Lumbar Planks with a length according to how big your dog is. If you have a large dog go for at least six feet in length and three feet wide minimum. I usually recommend building a 6x3x4 (length x width x height) kennel as it gives a larger space to accommodate the dog as it grows bigger with age. To build this you will need 24 planks with a length of 6 feet, 24 planks with a length of 3 feet, and 16 decking planks of 5/4 × 6 to build the outer walls. To build the structure you will need 4×4. The no of planks required would be 6 planks of 4 feet length, 4 planks of 6 feet length, and lastly 4 planks of 3 feet length.
  • Next, you will need a box of nails or screws ( I prefer to use screws as it allows me to dismantle the structure later on without wasting the wood).
  • You will also need a steel mesh similar to the ones used for fencing to make two windows on the top of the kennel.
  • You will also need safety equipment such as goggles and rubber gloves.

Once you get all these things sorted get your self ready for the weekend as it will take about a day at the bare minimum.

Method to build a kennel

The best way to learn the method is by watching the video below. It explains all steps and the procedure. Just keep the dimensions of the sides the same as I mentioned above. This will ensure that the kennel turns out big enough so that when your dog grows up you won’t need to build a bigger kennel.

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