How to avoid pregnancy naturally – Contraception Methods

Abstinence from intercourse is the only certain way to avoid preganancy in a natural way. All others methods of contraception fall short of 100% concrete results.

Yes abstinence is the only proven way that guarantee’s no pregnancy naturally. But let’s just say abstinence is not on the table what other natural methods do we have to avoid pregnancy naturally. These include:

How to avoid pregnancy naturally - contraception methods

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

How to avoid pregnancy naturally - contraception methods

There is a general medical consensus that a female can get pregnant on any day of the menstrual cycle even if she calculates her safe days to a dot (means very precisely). Fertility patterns include calculating the number of days of the month when you are fertile (able to get pregnant). It also includes calculating days in the month when you are infertile, and also days when getting pregnant is unlikely, but still possible. Women with a regular menstrual cycle will have nine or more fertile days every month. If you plan on not getting pregnant, all you do is to not have sex on these days. Failure rates vary very widely across this method.

But in a general world scenario this is not even possible. Most females don’t calculate their menstrual cycles and the menstrual cycles vary widely all the way from 21 days to 40 days on a normal scale (up to one standard deviation). In fact, women can have different menstrual cycle durations on different months.

Preventing Insemination to avoid pregnancy

coitus interruptes

So it may seem old fashioned but it one of the ways to prevent from getting pregnant. It doesn’t guarantee anything by the way. It has a way higher chance of getting pregnant. Statistically speaking close to 40% couples will get pregnant. Most couples if they practice this form of contraception run the risk of getting pregnant in a year. So what’s the work around to this. I would not recommend any subjective methods (methods that are specific to each individual and can benefit some but may not help others). So if you cannot practice this method read on ahead.

Barrier Method to avoid pregnancy

barrier methods

Barrier method includes items such as male and female condoms and diaphragms. Most people will object by saying that barrier methods are not natural as they involve commercial products.

Actually they are fully natural as all they are doing is creating a barrier so as to prevent sperm from entering the cervix. That’s it. They are disposable and actually do a pretty good job. They provide up to 95% protection. That’s a pretty good number and most couples feel satisfied by this. If you want even better guarantee’s than you would have to take the contraceptive pill.

Lactational Amenorrhea Method

lactational amenorrhoea

Lactational amenorrhea methods is only applicable to mothers. The mother’s must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Not having any periods following delivery
  • Fully or nearly fully breastfeeding their baby
  • It has been less than 6 months when you delivered your baby

If you are satisfying all the above conditions you can have intercourse without worrying about getting pregnant in the initial 6 months after delivery.

Permanent Methods of avoiding pregnancy

Female sterilization which is also known as Tubal ligation or Tying tubes. Tubal ligation involves closing or tying the female fallopian tubes and thus preventing the entry of sperm into the fallopian tube ampulla and fertilizing the ovum.

tubal ligation

Male sterilization is also known as vasectomy. It is the process of removal of the vas deference duct from the male. It thus prevents the sperm from traveling from the testis to the penis. The ejaculate thus is free from any sperm.


Both of these methods have a failure rate of 0.5%.

Is taking the contraceptives pill a natural contraceptive method ?

birth pills

Well it is. I would say so. As most of these pills are combined oral contraceptive pills which include two naturally occurring human sex hormones. The two hormones are

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone

As they are naturally occurring human hormones I would argue that they are natural and you should consider taking them as they have a better statistical prevention rate for getting pregnant, at around 99%.

Are there any other methods ?

Yes there are. They include spermicides, IUDs, Depot preparations, emergency pills and devices, injectables etc. I have not mentioned them here as many people consider them as non natural methods but they are still very effective methods. All methods have their pros and cons. You should always discuss with your doctor to learn what would be the best method for you. I have only included in this article the methods that most people consider as natural.

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