How much do construction workers make?

How much do construction workers make?


Construction workers can make anywhere from $40,000 up to about $150,000 if they work with a company and are hired as professional workers. If the construction worker is however working independently as a sole contractor then he can make upwards of even $150,000 per annum.

As you must have realized from my statement above, construction workers are not just paid a salary. Construction workers can be paid in the following three ways:

  • They can work as employees of a company with a per annum fixed salary.
  • They can also work as independent professional contractors with either hourly, daily or weekly rates.
  • They can work by forming an LLC of their own that can take contracts directly.

Furthermore, construction workers can also be employed either as part time workers or full time depending on their area of expertise and role in the construction project.

Hence construction workers get paid in a wide range of remunerations. Mostly senior construction workers tend to work either as independent contractors or by forming a company. By utilizing this method of receiving a payout their work can become quite flexible and the payouts increase as well. The other option of working as a full-time employee of a company is usually taken u by young professionals and trainees who aren’t fully independent yet.

Do construction workers make good money?

Well, it depends upon the field in construction that you specialize in exactly. For e.g., if you specialize in electrical works and are a registered electrician capable of working on large apartment buildings and complexes then you will most likely make upwards of $150,000. Similarly, if you specialize in plumbing of large hotels and apartment buildings then naturally you will make a lot more than the basic $40,000. But if you are just an intern worker with no particular skill set then you will be making around the base salary. The base salary in construction is also variable and varies from state to state.

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What is the highest paying construction job?

The highest paying construction job is a project manager. This job is usually taken up by a civil engineer and it looks up after the entire project such as building a bridge, construction of a multi story apartment complex or a football stadium, etc. These project managers make anywhere from 250,000$ up to about 500,000$ dollars on average depending upon the company and the project.

But this job requires a college degree in civil engineering. Hence it cannot be regarded as a trade job but if we are talking about the highest paid construction job then a project manager is the one with this honour.

Is construction a good career?

Yes, of course, it is.

  • Since ancient times man has held a great deal of regard for people who work with their hands. In construction, you will be actually doing the job and making stuff happen. After the project gets completed you will be able to look at the finished project and admire it for decades to come.
  • Construction is a rewarding field, i.e. you will feel you have accomplished something at the end of the day. This is not like a desk job where you would sit all day and just make power point presentations.
  • Construction pays well. Most commonly people are not aware of the salaries in construction. The general consensus is that it is a blue collar job. But these people are totally wrong. Some technical jobs such an electrician and a plumber can earn upwards of even 250,000$ if they are working independently. In construction getting a job is the only hindrance, but after you get a job you will be compensated well.

Is construction a hard job?

At the end of the day, it is quite hard. If you are a manual worker who is hauling stuff around every day, then it can become quite tiresome. But if you are in good shape then the constant work will soon become just a day to day affair for you and you would never feel tired at the end of the day when you get used to it.

What is the hardest job in construction?

The hardest job in construction by far is brick laying and foundation work. This is one job that demands the utmost resilience. It is a very tiresome and slow process and you would need to stand in the heat of the day in daylight and lay the bricks one by one. This is the reason why brick layering was substituted with wooden frame houses which are easier to build, in the US.

What is the future of construction?

The future of construction is as bright as always. People need houses, offices and shops to function in civil society and hence they would keep on requiring more and more buildings and plazas to be built. There are no machines which are aiming to take up a construction worker’s job so it is also safe on that front.

Finally, it is easy to build cars and small objects in factories, but to build a factory on an open piece of land will always require humans.

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Learn more about jobs in construction that pay well by watching the video below. If you are looking for a job I would recommend searching on Indeed.

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