how many blocks to build a 2000 sq ft house

How many blocks to build a 2000 sq ft house


A 2000 square foot house can be built with fewer or more blocks, depending on the size and kind of blocks used, the layout and design of the home, and the number of floors. But I can give you a ballpark figure based on some assumptions.


assuming a home with a single story and a typical ceiling height of ten feet.
using concrete blocks that are 8 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches in size (8x8x16).
Taking into account a 3/8-inch-thick mortar joint as an example.
Determine the whole wall area:
Calculate the house’s perimeter and multiply it by the height of the walls to get the total wall area.
Perimeter is equal to 2 (Length + Width).
Let’s imagine the length and width of a square-shaped house are both 50 ft.

Perimeter is equal to 2 x (50 + 50) ft.

Total Wall Area = Circumference times Height
Total Wall Area: 200 feet multiplied by 10 feet equals 2000 square feet.

Calculate the required number of blocks: The size of the blocks and the thickness of the mortar joint must be taken into account when determining the necessary number of blocks.
Using a block with dimensions of 8x8x16 inches and a mortar joint thickness of 3/8 inch (0.375 inches).

Calculate the square inches of the entire wall area:
Total Wall Area (sq in) equals Total Wall Area (sq ft) divided by 144.
Total Wall Area (sq in) = 2000 sq ft divided by 144 to equal 288,000 sq in

Determine the block’s net surface area:
Net Surface Area of Block (sq in) is equal to the product of the length, height, width, and mortar joint area.
Block’s Net Surface Area (sq in) is equal to (8 inches by 16 inches) plus (8 inches by 16 inches) minus (0.375 inches by 16 inches by 2), which is 224 sq in.

Determine the quantity of blocks:
Total Wall Area (sq in) / Net Surface Area of Block (sq in) = Number of Blocks
Blocks = 288,000 square feet divided by 224 square feet, or 1286 blocks.

Please be aware that this is only an estimate and does not take garbage, doors, windows, or openings into account. It is always advised to speak with a contractor or engineer for a more precise estimate depending on the needs and specifications of your particular house design.

Additionally, the aforementioned estimate just includes the exterior walls. It would be necessary to determine individually how many blocks would be needed for the house’s foundation walls or internal walls.

To receive an accurate price for your particular project, it’s crucial to consult experts and obtain comprehensive architectural and engineering designs.

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