how high should tv be above fireplace

How high should tv be above fireplace


The optimal placement of a television over a fireplace is contingent on a number of elements, such as the dimensions of the television, the elevation of the chimney, and the configuration of the furniture in the room, among other considerations. The following suggestions can be used as a guide when determining the right height:

Viewing Position That Is Pleasant:

When viewing the television from a seated position, the television set should be positioned at a height that provides a comfortable viewing angle.
When a person is situated in their preferred viewing position, the middle of the television screen should ideally be at their eye level.
This helps to avoid pressure on the neck and ensures that the viewing experience is a pleasant one overall.
Height Recommendations For:

When seated, the center of the television screen should be positioned at eye level, which is normally between 42 and 48 inches (107 and 122 cm) from the floor. This is the advice that is most commonly followed.
On the other hand, this can change depending on the person’s preferences as well as the particulars of the room’s proportions.
Take a look at the mantel above the fireplace:

When deciding where to put the TV in relation to the fireplace, you should take into account the height of any mantels that are there.
It is preferable to hang the television above the mantle rather than recess it into the mantel in order to reduce the amount of heat that could potentially cause harm to the television.
It is important to ensure that there is adequate ventilation and that excess heat does not accumulate by leaving a suitable distance between the bottom edge of the TV and the mantel.
Take into consideration the Distance Between Seats:

When deciding the height, it is important to take into account the space that exists between the seating area and the television.
For the best possible viewing experience from where you’ll be sitting, make sure the television is set up at an appropriate height and distance.
Experimentation and Fine-Tuning:

It may be beneficial to find the most comfortable location of the television by having many persons sit in the primary viewing position while holding the television at a variety of heights.
Take into account the numerous seating positions, such as reclining or sitting straight, because the viewing angle can change depending on the position you choose.
When it comes down to it, determining how high a TV should be mounted over a fireplace is a matter of personal opinion as well as the particulars of the space itself. Before permanently mounting the TV, you should try it out at a few different heights first, and you should also think about getting the opinion of an expert or reviewing the mounting guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your particular type of TV. When arranging the installation, it is also important to ensure that the cables are properly managed and to take into account the location of any other components, such as soundbars or game consoles.

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