How do I plan my future career? How do I find my true career path?

How do I plan my future career. The best way to choose the career of your choice will be to try out a few careers in your area of experience or education for about two to three years and then settle on the one you like the most.

Ok, so the answer to the question “HOW TO CHOOSE A CAREER” can be as long as one has the stamina to write. In this article, I will restrict myself to talking about the career as a general term and not get industry-specific.

How do I plan my future career?

In simple terms, the best way to choose the right career that suits you is by trying out a few careers. When you go out into the world and try out a bunch of careers you will learn, the following things about it:

  1. The rules of the career. ( When I say the rules of the career I mean what are the physical, mental, or calculational requirements or skills that the career demands).
  2. The ropes of the careers. (When I mention the ropes of the career, I am referring to the commitments required by the career for e.g. the time spent per week, the working hours, the location, the frequency of travel, etc.).
  3. The bread and butter. ( When I say bread and butter, I mean from what main activity will you make the most earning, or what does the career mostly focuses on to make money).
  4. The progression path. ( The progression path refers to the way you can gain vertical or horizontal growth, i.e. how you will progress from where you are today to where your boss is in the future).
  5. The pitfalls and caveats. (So this one is pretty simple, every career has pitfalls. You will not find any career with any pitfalls and caveats. It just doesn’t happen. What you need to ask yourself is “Which career has the caveats and pitfalls that I can tolerate and live with”.
How do I plan my future career

After learning these five major things, deciding which careers are not meant for you and which ones you enjoy, becomes easy. Don’t you agree as well? I stand by this one statement that I have always made every time I have been asked this question.

The best way to find out what you like is by trying out a bunch of things and realizing what you don’t like to do.

Most people usually reply to this by saying:

“I will never get the opportunity to go out and experience a bunch of these think that I want to try out. So will I never be able to choose a career”

It is a tricky question. Over the past five years, I have struggled with the answer to this question. But I realized that it was a wrong question to ask in the first place. The answer is yes, you won’t. People are not handing out opportunities to people without the relevant skills and experience. They want things done for them. They are looking for gaining profits and expansion. If they know that you are there to just try out the field, they will never give the opportunity out to you. And it’s just, on their part.

You see if you are there to just try out the field you were never meant to be there in the first place. First, choose the career field and then go in with the assumption that you are going to be doing it for the rest of your life. If you are not willing to be in that particular career for the rest of your life, then you should take it off the table immediately. You see a job and a career are two different things. If you go in with the mentality that it is a job and it’s something I am doing to put food on the table, then there’s nothing wrong with that. We have all done this in our lives. But if you go in with the mentality that I am going to be in this career field for the rest of my life, you will try to let each and every bit of it as a whole, and only then will you be able to learn if you want to be there.

Just some last pieces of my life experience, “When you discover things that are not the right fit for you, don’t wait, find the right opportunity and just bail out early, and try to avoid such commitments in the future.”

If you are still stuck I would recommend “Designing your life” by Bill BurnettDave Evans. It helped me in the past.

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