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Grey bathroom tile ideas, designs, guide, picks


In this article I have listed my thoughts on incorporating grey bathroom tiles in your home. Grey is one of the neutral colours. Grey colour is notorious among house builders and contractors as it can have a ton of shades that usually never work together. Hence you will often see developers inching towards white tiles because they just don’t want to deal with the headache of matching different shades of grey so that they look good. But if you are planning on a building a house for yourself, and plan to live in the house for a while, I would definitely recommend the grey colour tiles for your bathrooms.

Grey tiles unlike white don’t shine when you turn on a bulb. Most incandescent or LED bulbs will cause white tiles to shine at night. Most people don’t enjoy the shinning white bathrooms especially when they just got out of bed to enter the bathroom in the middle of the night. Beige tiles can also shine when you turn on the lights, but it will depend based on the shade of beige you decide to go for. Lighter shades will shine more.

But grey colour is great. No matter how light you go the tiles seldom shine brightly. So you can rest assured that your bathroom won’t dazzle you in the middle of the night. While white tiles make the space feel more bright grey colour due to its neutrality gives a calming feeling.

Quick tip: If you don’t plan on going all grey I would advice to just put grey tiles on the wall opposite to where your are gonna be placing your vanity light.

I have listed below my top 5 picks for the best shades of grey tiles.

The plain grey bathroom tiles

plain Grey bathroom tile

Ah the pure, plain simple grey. It is probably the most underrated colour amongst homeowners. It is purely because if you don’t get the colour just right based on the amount of lighting in the bathroom, the bathroom will start to look dull and dingy. Hence If you plan to incorporate plain grey tile into your bathrooms I would recommend to take a bunch of grey tiles from your local hardware store as samples to your house and place them one by one on the bathroom tiles. You need to do this at day time with window light and at night time by placing a torch at the exact place where you would place your bathroom light and check the colour differences and match the tile with the vanity and the toilet.

In the end don’t just shy away from plain grey. Most modern mansions use it for a reason. You just need to get the matching correct. That’s it. It will make your house from rest of the houses on your block and will probably increase the value of your house during inspection as well.

The shaded grey bathroom tiles

To be honest this will be the most easy way to incorporate grey tiles in your house. Shaded grey tiles stand apart and scream loudly. They don’t require colour matching and they just look great in every setting. They are not cheap though. You will need to check a bunch of their shades not for matching but for price. Mostly Italian and Spanish tiles in grey will always be shaded. But the your local store may not have a wide variety of them. So just view a bunch of them online and see if you can ship them.

Grey bathroom tile ideas

The patterned grey bathroom tiles

Well we went from plain fancy to British fancy. Yes, these patterned tiles are mostly popular in the UK and are very common in the UK homes. They give that extra custom look to your house. When going with patterned grey tiles don’t just order one pattern. A multi pattern tile wall goes along great great with the modern architecture philosophy but a one patterned tile wall just looks outdated and from the eighty’s.

patterned Grey bathroom tile ideas

The marbled grey bathroom tiles

The marbled grey tile mimics grey marble. As we all know marble doesn’t come cheap unless it is mined locally so going with marbled grey tiles is the more cost effective option. They also will not make your space look dull unlike plain grey tiles. But these types of tiles require a lot of light presence. So if your house bathrooms have smaller windows, I would suggest to no go with them. If you have large bathroom windows you will still need roof mounted lights to make the bathroom bright at night. Wall mounted lights will cast very dark shadows on the walls and will make the bathroom space claustrophobic.

You can find some options on amazon.

marble tile

The brick grey bathroom tiles

Okay this is a wild card in the party. It is not very common but it is very unique. This sort of a tile setup will make your bathroom stand out especially if you mix white and grey tiles together. They are not that costly to buy but they are certainly very costly to install. Hand of thumb is the smaller the tile used, the bigger the cost to install them, period. These tiles look especially great if your house bathrooms are very small. They are mostly used by builders and developers in luxury apartment buildings as they make the small apartment space feel quite bigger and luxurious.

Brick Grey tile ideas

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