Do Medical Schools accept Advanced Placement credits (AP)?

Do Medical Schools accept Advanced Placement credits (AP)? Yes, they do, if you are using them to complete your required college undergraduate degree hours. But the problem usually arises when you start trying to use them to cover an essential subject required by med schools such as biology, organic or general chemistry, and physics. In such cases, colleges have different policies and it usually depends on the college for which you are applying. Some colleges will accept them but the ones in the Ivy League and such won’t accept them normally.

Some students may also want them to cover additional college subject requirements. These are subjects which are required by some colleges but not by others such as biochemistry, biostatistics, physiology, etc. It is best to narrow down your top list of med schools for which you would be applying and then checking their individual requirements and then going on from there.

Most students don’t figure out the best fitting med school for themselves early on and this is probably why most students don’t check the individual requirements of most colleges. Then after their initial application for enrollment, they figure out the fine print details and then they get themselves in a pinch. This is when most students will try to use AP credits to fill the gaps. I would definitely advise you to prepare the list of your favorite colleges and also a backup list of colleges early on so that you have time to figure out all the details and prepare yourself for them.

Do Medical Schools accept Advanced Placement credits
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In my opinion, even if you have AP credits, it is not a great bet to rely on them. Cause MCAT is quite tough and just relying on knowledge that you acquired about four years ago for MCAT would be just testing your luck. Unless you go through a crash course or some preparation camp that works to drill the info in your head for MCAT, it would be best to take the med school required subjects as additional subjects during your undergrad.

Finally, most mid-tier colleges will accept your AP credits only if your undergraduate college gave you credit for the same AP course. Both in terms of hours and subject completion marks. But most high-tier colleges will not accept AP credit even if your undergrad gave you credit for them. Most med schools are looking for candidates who took advanced courses in the required subjects such as cell biology, genetics, etc. in the biology subject, similarly organic chemistry and biochemistry for the chemistry subject.

I hope this article will clear most of your doubts on the subject matter. For more articles on med school check our articles in the medicine category. For an article on how to plan your future career check this.

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