Cheap driveways + Best Budget driveways for your home


Cheap driveways + Best Budget driveways for your home. A driveway is an entrance to your home. It is the front of the building. Having an amazing driveway will always be a great addition to your home as it will make your entry to your house memorable every single day. But driveways can become very expensive quite quickly. In this article, I will mention ways to get a great-looking driveway on the cheap. So let us get into the details.

Cheap driveways for your home (Gets less expensive top to bottom)

Marble Driveways

What you see here is not a ballroom, it is the driveway of a 6 star hotel. The driveway is made up of marble. Marble is hard enough to withstand the load of a fully filled semi truck to a crane so it does not get damaged under pressure. Furthermore it also does not get cracked or chipped easily as well. It is very hard to slip on marble as the pores in the rock take up small grains of dirt and can provide friction. Hence, polished marble is not slippery. Unlike pavers and other materials. But the downside is cost. It is very very expensive. But if you can afford the luxury just go ahead with this option.

Pure brick driveway

Ok so pure brick driveways look cool especially at night if you have lights surrounding them. Brick driveways could be laid in a parallel or crisscross manner (see image above). Both can give a distinctive look and feel to the overall design of the house. For e.g. you can use parallel bricks for making side paths but use a criss-cross pattern for the main driveway. These can be expensive, and the individual bricks may break if you planning on parking heavy trucks on them. And the repair bill is never cheap.

Pavers Driveway

Pavers are in nowadays and give a distinctive clean modern look to the house. Most people will use pavers for the front driveway only and use concrete for any back or side entrances to the property as the cost of installing pavers is quite high. And you can’t DIY the pavers yourself because they need to be exactly level otherwise they would break under the load of even a very small car.

Cobblestone Driveway

The medieval look is coming back into action. These types of driveways are mostly laid in front of old Victorian-era houses to keep in touch with the theme. Mostly they are common in old multistory houses in Europe and UK. This aesthetic is however making its way into America nowadays as well. These are commonly found in posh suburb parks and recreation centers. But you can use them in your own house. Cobblestones if laid correctly will not break under pressure of even larger trucks and trailers so it is a good option if you are going to park a heavy truck or some equipment on it.

Tuff tile Driveway

Tuff tiles are the same as pavers but while pavers have a smooth surface, tuff tiles do not. This has two implications. While the rough surface atop the tuff tiles provides higher friction so that you or your loved ones don’t fall, they are most likely going to cause abrasions on your skin if you fall on them, due to the same rough surface. Pavers on the other hand will not cause abrasions but are easier to slip on top of them if you are not careful, especially the shiny-looking polished pavers.

Stone Chips Driveway

The shiny material in the image above is stone chips, that have been placed in white cement to give this unique look to the driveway. Stone chip driveways were in fashion in the eighties, as they are quite cheap to make. You only need cement and stone chips and then you would level them off. But they have gone out of fashion since then as marble and

Concrete Driveway

Cheap driveways

Concrete is an American classic and favorite and it is the definition of a cheap driveway. There are more concrete driveways in the US than all other countries combined. It is cheap and effective and lasts a long long time. But concrete has the strange characteristic to crack in an area where it is not given enough room to expand. So that is probably why there are more cracked driveways in the US than in any other country. Concrete needs to be laid in a particular fashion so that it can expand in summer and contract in the winter season. So in order to prevent this, most contractors nowadays pour concrete with grass in between the concrete slabs. This is also not a good option as the grass will start growing into the concrete and your driveway starts looking old in just one to two years, and you also would need to constantly power wash it. So in order to account for this, I always recommend getting concrete slabs but with pavers or cobblestones in between them. There is space left between the pavers and the concrete slabs in order to allow the concrete to breathe and it is only filled by fillers. Common fillers include chalk and silicone. You can also skip the pavers and go for concrete slabs that are close enough so that you can place fillers in between them but usually this requires special concrete container blocks that most contractors don’t have. So it is best to use the pavers and concrete method instead. Learn more about DIY concrete mixing and ratios here.

Cheap Driveway made of gravel, tar with edging

Cheap driveways

Ok, so I don’t need to explain this. The edging is made of either pavers or bricks and the path is made of plain gravel. But this type of driveway can hurt your car tires if they are constantly parked on it. Also, most HOA’s will not allow this type of driveway. It looks good in the countryside but in cities and suburbs, it looks quite odd.

Cheap Driveway made of just gravel and tar

Cheap driveways

Same as above minus the edging.

Cheap and Quick Asphalt Driveway

Cheap asphalt driveways

Asphalt can be a quick and dirty method to get a great-looking driveway. Asphalt is the stuff roads are made out of. It blends in your home driveway with the road. But it starts looking odd if you start using it for side paths and in your driveway. It is cheap and effective nothing more to say.

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