50x90 house plan

1 Kanal – 50×90 house plan and blueprint with four bedrooms per floor


50×90 house plan and blueprint. The following is a house plan of a double story (2 unit) house with four bedrooms on each floor. The design also includes a drawing and a dining room. The design is made to also accommodate a lounge/living area. It also includes two separate entrances to both units as well as two separate car porches. The blueprint also includes attached bathrooms with all four bedrooms as well as separate dressing rooms attached to each room. The blueprint also includes a large kitchen that is separated from the living area. This allows us to put up a walled kitchen. But the wall can be converted to an island to make the space bigger by incorporating an open kitchen in the living room.

Personally, I would suggest, not to put up a wall and make the house with an open kitchen. This will allow the house living area to appear bigger and will add to the overall décor of the house.

50x90 house plan
50x90 house plan

If you would like a custom design built just for your needs them I recommend architecturaldesigns.com. It has the most extensive list of house plans. They also allow customized house plans similar to the ones above. I am recommending them as I personally used them to create the house plan for my own house. I built a house similar to the one above but I asked them to customize the plan to open up the kitchen even further by removing the dining room wall attached to the kitchen. As I like open spaces a lot I want the house to look massive by increasing the amount of open space that is visible. You can also check them out if you want to customize the house plan according to your needs.

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